A one way door

There’s a park across the street from me called Judge Park, I sometimes pass through when going for a walk. One day just after the Victoria Day weekend, while trying to clear my head of too too many negative thoughts, I grabbed my camera and went for a walk, this is one picture I took and this is what I wrote when I got home…

I saw a lost umbrella,Walking_5295
on a sunny afternoon
by a one way door…
in a park that doesn’t Judge.

I’d taken a walk
to clear my head,
to climb up
from the hole I’d fallen in.

I was sinking, slowly…
a misplaced step
in the quicksand of time,
that brought me back to you.

Our paths crossed
in the old neighbourhood,
a trail blazing
that broke my fortitude.

A pall falls over
a long weekend, shortened
by a brief encounter.
3D Pirates – I should’ve stayed home!

House, has moved on,
and so should I,
but wait, you forgot your hair brush
and your umbrella.

You open a one way door
in a dream brought on
by too many reminders
of what once was.

A wake up call
of lucid dreaming
that was too real
to even be possible!

You say it like it is,
but your kiss, your kiss
says so much more,
and now this sinking feeling…

And that door without a handle…
in a park, that doesn’t Judge!

©2011 Julian

Photo: A one way door, taken at Judge Park, Ottawa . © 2011 Julian Luckham all rights reserved, this photo should not be used in any way without my explicit permission.

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