All British Car Day Ottawa 2015

July 18th was a pretty good day for all things British, as though Deep Purple at Bluesfest wasn’t enough, Britannia Park had ABCD Ottawa, All Britsh Car Day Ottawa 2015. Featured vehicles this year were the Triumph TR7 / TR8 and the Jaguar XJS… and they were lined up for all to see along with many other venerable British cars and a special appearance by… a DeLorean!

From the U.K. myself, I have a special affinity for British Cars and have fond memories for some of the cars my Dad used to own, he was a bit of a collector, buying cars to do them up and resell them. Every once in a while he’d have one he kept a bit longer than the others. One time he got a great deal on a Jag, I don’t recall the model, a Sovereign Mark something. It was the recursor to the XJ6 I think, it was my favourite of all the cars my Dad ever bought, such a beautiful car, Royal Blue with a beautiful wood dash and interior with leather seats and such a smooth ride. Loved it when my dad picked me up at school! “Yeah, my Dad works for the Secret Service”! I think he always regretted selling that Jag, we were coming back to Canada and it would have been really expensive to have the car shipped, in hindsight though I think he realized he could easily have recouped the expense selling it in Canada! One of my other favourites was the Wolseley, affectionately know as the Woolly, my Dad referred to it as the poor man’s Rolls Royce.

Enjoy this selection of photos from the show, and if you love British cars like I do take a look at some photos I shot in the U.K. at the Bristol Classic Car Show in the April of 2013.

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