it’s broken.


see the pieces,
and how they fit together?
but can it ever…
be the same again?


do you want it…
to be the same again?


it’s only broken glass…
from the darkened window,
that kept me from seeing you,
and you, from seeing me.


it’s the window,
you placed your hand on,
and said goodbye,
the way you do.


don’t stand,
in the doorway,
don’t wait,
for me to disappear!


step in to the open,
where I can see you!
cry out, cry out…
for what you want!


it’s all there!
it’s all there…
on the other side,
of the broken glass…


reach in!
reach in…
take hold of my hand,
and I’ll never let go…
I’ll never let go, again!

(No…don’t let go!)

© 2011 Julian

“I have been, and always shall be, your friend.”

  1. You have a new reader! This post, in particular, struck a familiar chord with me.

  2. @ Madeline… Welcome new reader, I’m always pleased when something I write strikes that chord with someone. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment.

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