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Manchester: United

“the dependence of human beings upon one another, the response of human sympathy to human needs”

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Project Rescue

Project Rescue, professional consultation and custom training to complete a specific project or projects.

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“Let the Night Begin”

I have long had a fascination for Vampire Lore, from Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula, to the ‘60s gothic horror soap opera, Dark Shadows, to Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, to my favourite ‘vampire’ movie to date, Only Lovers Left Alive.

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In My Life

There are places I remember, All my life though some have changed

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Dad, are you there? Dad…

My Dad passed away 9 years ago today, January 20th…

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the festival experience

I love a good Festival, the chance to hang out with a bunch of people and friends who love music. I’ve been going to concerts all my life, back when I worked in the music industry I’d often get free concert tickets, and also buy tickets when freebies weren’t available, so it wouldn’t be unusual for me to go to a couple of concerts a week. With a festival you automatically have from one to ten days of concerts… what’s not to love! As a photographer I’m hard to keep up with at a concert or festival, so whether I

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“people helping people”

Two weeks from today I will begin my third 52 week photo project, “people helping people“. I’ll be planning my first shoot this week which will be posted here and on Facebook on August 19th, which also just happens to be World Humanitarian Day, not a coincidence. However, what is a coincidence is it’s also World Photography Day, as I just found out! It’s like it was just meant to happen this way! “people helping people” is a 52 week photo project that will begin on August 19th, 2013. I have done a lot of work for non-profits and charitable

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Cycling – the human machine

It’s not often I get a request to post something that I wrote a long time ago, and in this case it’s the second request for the same story, I wasn’t even sure when I wrote this, it was that long ago… it took a while to find it as it dates back to 2005. I’ll try to replace the photo with a higher res version if I can find the original. Cycling has always been a passion of mine, one I have not been able to enjoy much over the past 5 years due to an accident which resulted

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Why ‘Words on a wing’?

I’ve been asked why ‘Words on a wing – a lost and found for people on the edge of the night’. Well…originally it was just  a combination of song lyrics, thoughts and ideas… but has since evolved in to more and has even become a bit of an analogy… “I wear my heart upon my sleeve like… Words on a wing” – Julian. The name was inspired by lyrics from David Bowie’s songs Word on a Wing (1976) and Under Pressure (1981), and is meant to indicate that my writings here are just thoughts or ideas that I’m putting out there, words on

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Tools of the Forgotten

It might sound strange to hear someone whose work is steeped in technology to say he misses the old tools, but I do, the old tools, the old ways. Back when I was teaching graphic design I encouraged students to pick up a pencil and piece of paper to sketch out their ideas before sitting down at a computer, the reason for this was two fold. Starting a design on a computer tends to let the computer direct your work, limitations of the software, or your knowledge of the software, change what you may have done had you the use

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