The books are on the shelf,
endless Chapters… of confusion.
And pages…  pages of words…
Broken promises, Shattered… cast aside.
The writing, is on the floor,
a happy ending, torn from a book.

Too many photographs,
and all I can see
is the imperfection,
in their perfection.
I can no longer look…
What I once saw is now
just a  memory.

I will turn away now,
from this world of confusion.
Cultivating inner clarity,
and the knowledge that
“Sometimes, you shouldn’t disturb the past”.

Underneath all the noise,
I hear my own whisper…

I will no longer buy in
to an illusion
of my insignificance.
I deserve more
than what I have been given.

Do not read the words
you only want to read,
and disregard the rest.
Do not write words
that you’ve never read
through a lover’s eyes.

I’m no longer stuck in the pain.
I refuse to hide behind that mask.
I’ve moved past the hurt.
And am ready to take the risk.
I give myself permission
to be free, to be real, again.

Look, there… beyond the sunset…
It’s a new dawn…
It’s a new day…
And yeah… I’m feelin’ good!

New House Rules!

©2011 Julian

Photo: Shattered and Broken. © 2011 Julian Luckham all rights reserved, this photo should not be used in any way without my explicit permission.

This is something I read about a month ago at Open Mic at Whispers, this is the first piece I’ve ever written and read on the same day.

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  1. Wonderful words and much to admire in your work

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