Declutter 4 Good

UPDATE: It’s not uncommon when a business first starts out to be challenged over the name you’ve chosen. This is what happened to a client of mine, receiving an email to say she couldn’t use the name Room2Breathe, and she now had to come up with a new name for her business. This turned out to be a good thing as the new name she settled on, Declutter4Good, better reflects everything her business does, what makes her stand out from the rest. She still does organizing and decluttering, giving you “room 2 breathe” in your home, and she still works with charitable organizations, donating the things you no longer need. But now with the name Declutter4Good, the donating is a part of her new name, and part of her new logo.

In spite of the ongoing pandemic we are all dealing with, I’ve been continuing as best I can to work with existing clients and even new clients. I started work for a new client this year, Martha Tobin of Room 2 Breathe. We have not met in person, but have communicated via email and Zoom. We began with discussing a logo or word mark for Room 2 Breathe, after a few different iterations we decided on the simple word mark you see to the left.

Once the word mark was done we started setting up a standard template design in WordPress that Martha would be able to update and expand on by herself. What you see below is the header and beginning of the About page with nine additional pages in the menu. I got the web site started and after a couple of one on one training sessions, Martha has done a great job on expanding and maintaining it.

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