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UPDATE October 2016: We had a lot of publicity throughout the month of June due to our fundraiser for  CHEO – Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre and Foundation, as a result of that publicity we got a call from Lisa Nault of Accessible Media Inc. asking if we would like to be on their weekly magazine show ‘AMI This Week’, which aired October 24th on AMI-tv. If you’d like to read more about it and watch the episode click here: AMI This Week – Father Daughter Perspective.

UPDATE July 2016: Our month long Father’s Day Fundraiser raised $1242.31 for CHEO – Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre and Foundation and even though it’s over our fundraising continues until the Limited Edition Diptych we created especially for the fundraiser has sold out. There are only 6 of the 10 prints left, so any time we sell another, 100% of the pre-tax price will go to CHEO and OCTC until they are all gone. You can see and purchase the print here. Prints are 13 x 19 inches on archival paper using archival inks. Thank you to everyone for all your support.

Father Daughter Perspective’ was finally published in December 2015, it took a bit longer to get it done than we had anticipated but we think we’ve come up with something worth the wait. Father Daughter Perspective is my third Photography Book, but this one is so much more important to me because it’s my first book with my beautiful and talented daughter Caitlin. I don’t recall when we first started talking about doing this but once we gave it a name in 2009 it became a goal to work towards. Six years later and a lot of photo shoots and adventures together and it was finally complete.

Father Daughter Perspective’ is not just a book of photography, it’s a book of how a father and daughter see the world around them. Sure, it’s full of pretty pictures and sometimes that’s all we want you to see, and other times we want you to see what we see. Through our words and photographs and our different perspectives as a father and a daughter, an able bodied person and a disabled person, we want to share the special bond we have, and maybe inspire you to go out, cameras in hand, and spend some quality time with your kids, or your parents, and capture what you see. Caitlin is an amazing young woman with Cerebral Palsy, and she hopes our book will inspire kids with disabilities to meet the challenges they have, with determination, focus and an ‘I can!’ attitude, and I hope it will show their parents that “when every challenge is tougher, every victory is sweeter”.

In Father Daughter Perspective we share photographs of the smallest things like a maple leaf found in our own back yard, or the ‘Joie de vivre’ that is Paris! There’s one of Caitlin doing her happy dance in front of the Eiffel Tower on a very special trip we took last year, I’m not sure who was happier at that moment, Father or Daughter! Our motto is to make ordinary things special, and take special… to a whole new level! We hope you enjoy what we have put together.

FD Book


When Caitlin started taking pictures 20 years ago, she asked what she should take pictures of and I suggested she take pictures of what’s important to her. Her first three photos were of her bicycle, her Mum and me… in that order! Caitlin started shooting in earnest in 2006, I remember our first Father Daughter Photo Shoot that year as though it were yesterday, and as Caitlin says in the book “10 years later, and photo shoots with my Dad are still fun!”.

I hope you will support Caitlin and I by buying a copy of our little book full of a lot of love and over 150 photos, and for those of you who have removed all your book shelves and have a lot of wall space as a result we are also offering Limited Edition Diptychs with a PDF copy of the book. As this is Father Daughter Perspective, you have to choose one photo by me and one photo by Caitlin. You can chose any photos though, in the samples below the first one is of two photos from the same spread in the book taken in Christchurch, England and the second one is of two photos taken in Ottawa but from two different pages in the book. This makes it easy for you to choose two photos you really like. The PDF version of Father Daughter Perspective is only available with a print.

Father Daughter Perspective books and prints can be purchased directly here – Father Daughter Perspective Direct Book and Print Purchase (while quantities last) or you can buy our book through Blurb (click here and scroll down to the preview). And there’s always more than one way to get the book you know you want… ask us about a package deal* where you get a copy of the book plus a Limited Edition Diptych. All limited edition prints are printed on archival paper using archival inks, framed or unframed, signed and numbered.

*Packages can only be purchased directly, drop me an email to place an order.

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“Father Daughter Perspective is not just a book of photography, it’s a book of how a father and daughter see the world around them” ‒reads the prologue of the book. To me, Father Daughter Perspective is more than that. It’s a story told by two people looking through their camera lenses, weaving images into a series of dialogues about life ‒and their lives‒ to remind us that beyond any challenge ahead of us, the joy of living is to be found even in the smallest of things.

Olga Abizaid (Ottawa)

Father Daughter Perspective is full of surprises with each turn of the page, taking you to places you don’t expect! Some truly great thinking and creativity has gone into this book. Pick up a copy, you will not be disappointed!

Steve Thomas (Ottawa)

From the simplicity of an old door and the stunningness of a cascading chandelier of light at Ottawa’s Experimental Farm, to an English village lane lined with cozily-inviting stone houses and a majestic manor castle aloft in its manicured landscape, these ‘great escape’ scapes took me on a delightful visual vignette-journey filled with diversity and contrast. It will be difficult to decide from which two to make prints!

I really enjoyed the added dimension of the shared and compared experiences of the two photographers in the moment of each shot. Julian and Caitlin both are blessed with the ability to spot and capture something beautiful in any given moment. I guess the daughter gets it from her father. And I was fortunate to get it from their book!

These visual memoires MUST be seen. Each one is a vicarious experience in itself.

Janet Meldrum (Ottawa)

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