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FD_Perspective_CoverIf you caught the segment on CTV Ottawa’s Regional Contact this weekend about my last book ‘What if Weekends’, or you came to my ‘What if Weekends’ Exhibit and Book Launch in October last year than you would have seen the announcement about my next book. This book will be something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, publish a book of photography with my daughter Caitlin. No illusions here, well… maybe one or two! With this book we want to share the special bond we have and, through our words and photography, our different perspectives on being a Father, a Daughter, an able bodied person and a person with a disability, and how easy it can be making ordinary things special. It is our hope that our little book may inspire both parents and their kids to do things together, and to inspire other kids with disabilities! It’s also a hope that this may plant a seed in the minds of everyone that the challenges faced by children with disabilities are exactly that, challenges – not limits! As we always said as Caitlin was growing up, “The greater the challenges, the sweeter the victory”. We hope this book inspires children with disabilities and their parents to find their own perspective and celebrate the sweetness of victory!

We’ll be including photos we have taken while out on photo shoots together as well as photos we’ve taken on our own, but every photo will show our different perspectives of the same thing. It will be interesting to see how this works looking backwards and how it may effect the photos we include looking forward. I’m not sure yet how far back we will go, I recall some of Caitlin’s earliest photos being quite funny but that was pre-digital, so finding them may be a problem. We’ve taken some great trips together, so expect some of those, and we are going on a bit of an adventure together this year, so we will close out the book with some of those.

We hope to wrap up the book soon and with a little bit of luck and a lot of work we hope to have the book available later this year at the very latest. If all goes well, you may hear of another Exhibit and Book Launch soon. To stay in the loop or pre-order a copy, please email me at julian@luckham.ca.

UPDATE: Dec. 7, 2015 – Father Daughter Perspective is now available, to order a copy click here or email julian@luckham.ca for details.

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