Fleetwood Mac Ottawa


Fleetwood Mac at the Canadian Tire Centre October 26, 2014. The highlight of the show for the audience, and the band themselves, was the return of Christine McVie to the group after an absence of 16 years. It was an amazing show by Mick Fleetwood (67), John McVie (68), Christine McVie (71), Stevie Nicks (66) and Lindsey Buckingham (65)… and it just goes to show, doing what you love keeps you young!


I have a surprising number of shots from the concert considering I only had my small camera, I gotta say I love that little thing! It’s a testament to the lighting, it was so clean most of the night, relying on the screens behind them for adding colour a lot of the time. My favourite visual moment is obvious as I’ve posted all 7 photos I shot during Gypsy as I just love what they did on the screen. Gypsy was written by Stevie Nicks about her time in San Francisco living with Lindsey Buckingham before they joined Fleetwood Mac when they were poor and sleeping on a mattress on a floor, the B&W imagery moving behind them of rainy scenes of San Francisco was just stunning! My two favourite songs of the evening were I’m So Afraid that showcases the incredible guitar work of Lindsey Buckingham and the first encore, Songbird, sung as only Christine McVie can sing it.



Here’s a slide show of all my shots of Fleetwood Mac at the Canadian Tire Center on October 26, 2014.

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