Hangin’ (a distraction)


the Universe plays
an infinite loop of thoughts,
memories, flashbacks, dejavu,
and double whammies…
the track marks on my arm
are in my head,
an infliction
of my own addiction,
in chains,
and the number is 7!
If only this addiction
came with a high
we could fly

©2011 Julian

Photo: Hangin’ (a distraction). © 2011 Julian Luckham all rights reserved, this photo should not be used in any way without my explicit permission.

and no it’s not a song by the Flock of Seagulls,
though they’re calling me, calling me, calling me…. and…
I couldn’t get away!

Just hangin’ out with the flock Saturday afternoon at Deschenes Rapids on the Ottawa River.

And Happy Mother’s Day!

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