Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Ottawa

September 16th was a pretty exciting day beginning before the sun was even up! My daughter Caitlin and I took to the skies over Ottawa with Sundance Hot Air Balloons for an amazing 1 1/2 hour ride over the city. Later the same day was opening night of CityFolk, the rebranded Ottawa Folk Fest. So, yes… an exciting and long day! I’ll post a link here to photos for City Folk once I get all my photos processed and sorted, meanwhile, here’s a link to one performance… Van Morrison @ City Folk

Here’s a collection of photos from our balloon ride, I don’t usually include personal photos on my web site here, but one of the best parts of this experience was sharing it with my daughter. There’s a photo at the beginning of Caitlin showing her brave face, also know as the ‘Oh My God we’re gonna die!!!!’ face, which, once we were rising up in to the sky, became the ‘Oh My God I can’t believe I’m doing this!’ ear to ear grin! Me? I was just thinking ‘Oh My God, the things I do for my daughter!!!’. Actually, truth be told, this was one of those things all the more enjoyable because I could not only watch Caitlin do this, but experience it with her! I hope you enjoy the photos, and if you get the chance, do this yourself.

And if you’ve thought to yourself, this is something I’d like to do when I’m on holiday in the Caribbean here’s something to consider, doing this flight over the city I live in was part of what made it so special, seeing different places I used to live, seeing some of my favourite spots in the city from a different vantage point and seeing things I’d never seen and in some cases didn’t even know existed. Perspective is an interesting thing, once you’ve risen up above the place you call home, you can close your eyes and float up and see it all again… see how it reaches out in all directions and still disappears over the horizon, we live in a beautiful city and whether looking at it from above like in these photos or from a specific spot, say in front of the CityFolk stage at Lansdowne, beside the Aberdeen Pavilion, this city, this world we all live in, still reaches out in all directions and disappears over the horizon, we have so much more than what we can see with our feet on the ground… or floating above it… so much more!

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