it’s just a tool

I created and posted this quite some time ago over on my old blog but decided to post it here as it is still quite relevant in this day and age of digital photography… and for some reason it’s my most visited post in my old blog, probably because of the photo edit.

When I first posted this it was to make a bit of a personal statement about cameras. I had someone asking about one of my photographs, that he was very impressed with, the colour, the lighting, etc, etc., and he went on to say he figured I must have been using a pretty fancy camera. He was surprised when I told him the specific shot he was referring to was taken with a Kodak digital point and shoot! Which brings me to my statement – it has always been my belief that it is the photographer and not the camera that makes a photograph! This photo edit I’ve created is my visual interpretation of that… the camera is only an extension of your own eye… it’s just a tool! As a paint brush is a tool in the hands of an artist, a computer in the hands of a graphic designer, or a scalpel in the hands of a doctor… the tool doesn’t make you good at what you do, it only enables you to do what you do! If you can’t see what you want to shoot a picture of, the camera isn’t going to help you.

beautiful, bright… and purple shot with a Kodak EasyShare CX7525

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