Ottawa Film Society’s 89th FULL Season!

A new season for the Ottawa Film Society, Canada’s oldest film society, is back for their first FULL Season since the pandemic!

Last year they put together two mini-series formats for both their International and French Series. The plan was successful, with sell out audiences and now they are back with a full season for their 89th year. Welcome back OFS!!!

Luckham Creative has proudly been doing the OFS web site for 20 years now, I usually do a yearly overhaul for every season of films and have redesigned the site a few times over that period, and I maintain the web site on a regular basis, adding film review links as well as member voting of the films screened, all of which anyone can look at on the site. And if you’re interested in looking in to the history of this non-profit organization, read the About page, and there’s a pretty healthy Archive of films they’ve shown over the years too, if you’re interested in digging deep*.

*due to the pandemic this archive is a bit behind but will be updated soon hopefully.

Check out the OFS web site, see what’s coming this season and maybe subscribe.

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