Ottawa Tulip Festival and Fireworks

ConfederationPark_2500The Tulip Festival in Ottawa is an annual celebration that began in 1945 with the presentation of 100,000 tulip bulbs from Princess Juliana of the Netherlands to Ottawa, Canada’s capital. The bulbs were given in appreciation for Ottawa giving exile to the Proncess and her family during WWII. While in Ottawa Juliana gave birth to her daughter Princess Margriet at the Ottawa Civic Hospital, which was temporarily declared Dutch soil by the Government of Canada, to ensure the princess would hold Dutch nationality.

During the Tulip Festival millions of tulips bloom in over 100 public spaces all over the city. The main flower beds at Commissioners Park, and Dows Lake have over 300,000 flowers in bloom. The Canadian Tulip Festival is the largest of its kind in the world. This year the ‘Canada 150’ tulip, the official tulip of Canada’s 150th anniversary, was unveiled. Over 200,000 Canada 150 tulips have been planted all over the city.

Here’s my photos from the Ottawa Tulip Festival and Fireworks… enjoy!

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