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Two weeks from today I will begin my third 52 week photo project, “people helping people“. I’ll be planning my first shoot this week which will be posted here and on Facebook on August 19th, which also just happens to be World Humanitarian Day, not a coincidence. However, what is a coincidence is it’s also World Photography Day, as I just found out! It’s like it was just meant to happen this way!

“people helping people” is a 52 week photo project that will begin on August 19th, 2013.

I have done a lot of work for non-profits and charitable organizations over the almost 28 years I’ve been in business, the past 5 years have included working for WIEGO, an international organization that seeks to improve the status of the working poor, especially women, in the informal economy. This work has been the most satisfying work I have ever done, so I am very excited about this new 52 Week Project and I hope you will join me in bringing it to fruition.

“people helping people” will be a series of 52 posts on Facebook, Twitter and Luckham Creative’s web site. Each post will be a montage of photos and a short story about a charitable organization that is helping people in our community, across Canada, or anywhere in the world. I will personally take photos of these organizations that will illustrate the help they provide and write a short story in support of the photos and the organization. Once the project is complete I will be publishing a book of all 52 posts, the proceeds of which will support these organizations. It is my hope that this project, and the book, will help bring attention to the causes of these organizations.

Unlike my previous 52 week projects, due to the complexity of this one, I won’t be posting every week, but will post 52 times over the next year. I have a number of organizations that I already work with that will become a part of this project and a few connections with other organizations that I plan to approach. But, that won’t be enough to do 52 weeks worth of photo shoots, so I’m hoping you will all help me in keeping this project going for 52 weeks by connecting me with organizations that you work with, or know of, that are actively helping people. I will also be doing some “cold calls” on other organizations to make sure I get the 52 photo shoots I will need over the next year.

Please like my Facebook page people helping people, a 52 week photo project and share with your friends as well, it’s all about bringing attention to “people helping people”, after all…

“We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.”

~ Luciano de Crescenzo

• All posts will be a collaboration between Julian Luckham and a non-profit charitable organization helping people in our community, across Canada or anywhere in the world.
• All photographs used in a “people helping people” posts will be taken by Julian Luckham. The only exception will be photos needed to illustrate the end results of an organizations work in other countries.
• “people helping people” posts can be used by the organizations I work with as long as they link back to Luckham Creative and the original post.

Thank you in advance for your interest and support for this project!

Thank you,

Julian Luckham

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