Product Packaging

Given this year is celebrating 30 years of creativity, I will from time to time post, or bring forward old posts, of some old work that even though done a long time ago and in some cases out of circulation, is work that we’re still proud of.

In the early to late 90s Luckham Creative was doing a lot of Product Packaging, from labels for a local restaurant selling their famous Hot Sauces to Honey and Cheese farms to wholesale companies selling ready made sandwiches or cereal bars. Sometimes this included retail and wholesale boxes. Luckham Creative’s reputation for this kind of work spread down in to the United States and one company sent staff up to Ottawa to be personally trained by us. The there was that job offer from Campbell Soup! I remember saying to the guy that called “Do you know I live in Canada?”, his reply was “Do you know how good our lawyers are?” LOL!

The Road & Driver box you see here was a challenge as it had to be a trilingual package for retail sales all over North America.

The Paquette labels were a design that nearly never happened when the company decided against our proposed redesign of their product and identity. Then the company was bought out and the new owners came across our proposal in their files, we got a call and redesigned their whole line as well as newer products and all their delivery trucks! They started getting their product in to stores that were never interested before and the retailer told the new owners that it was the new packaging that changed their mind.

After Honeybar had us redesign their packaging they had a new client say that if their product was as good as their packaging it will do really well in their stores, and it did. With the new fun boxes and some retail materials that brought the Honeybar bear to life they started getting a lot more interest in their product.

Logo design or redesign was done for all the clients above except the Road & Driver package.

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