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Has your King locked you away in the tower until you come up with a new and improved Newsletter, or marketing campaign or even the King’s new web site, and you’re not even sure where to begin? I can help you get it done and out of that tower, and maybe even home in time for dinner! Project Rescue is when I hop on my trusty white steed and charge to the rescue… arriving just in time to save the day!

Okay… I might be exaggerating a bit, we’ll skip the trusty white steed, but the rescue is still up for grabs, even if you aren’t locked away in some tower.

Seriously, Project Rescue is a service I started providing clients 20 years ago after being approached by a former student that had taken on a project that was beyond her skill level. Rather than taking over the job, I assisted her in finishing the project so that the job not only got done but she expanded on her skill set at the same time. Since then, I have assisted other students, government departments and design studios to complete projects and pick up new and valuable skills. In some cases the new skills included pre-press tasks, so that digital files sent to the printer were trouble free and produced the expected results, in other cases I assisted in developing a more productive and manageable work environment by installing software, organizing files and developing a system to manage projects more efficiently. In one case I was sent out of the country to help staff develop a pdf work flow, so as to digitize the 30 years of valuable information they wanted to disseminate. In another, I had staff from Chicago sent up to Ottawa so I could assist them with a better understanding and process for Flexographic printing (the most common process used to print packaging materials). Whatever your requirements, with my more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of design and photography for print and the web I’m sure I can help you out.

Call 613-223-4620 and ask about Project Rescue, professional consultation and the custom training to complete a specific project or projects, knowing that the end result will be all that you hoped it would be. Ideally, Project Rescue should begin in the planning stage of a project, but as the name implies, I can come to the rescue at any point should things begin to go wrong.

And for a limited time, slaying of dragons will incur no additional costs! So, who’s your knight in shining armour?


The electronic Energy Sector Management Calendar was a huge project. It was the first time we were creating something of this magnitude for the Intranet. We wanted a user-friendly calendar with a crisp look, but that conveyed important information on planning, reporting and accountability documents and events at the government, departmental and sector levels. With (Luckham Creative’s) involvement, we have reached this objective. Julian’s concept of Project Rescue has proven to be invaluable in this project; by his coming on-site to do a good part of the work, we were able to exchange feedback immediately and learn how the calendar works, so that we can update it as required. – H. Leblanc, Natural Resources Canada

We were very impressed with Mr. Luckham’s performance and hope to be able to bring him back to do some additional custom training. – R. Bambrick, Statistics Canada

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