A drive through Somerset, Weston to Wells

Going for a drive anywhere in England can be a big or small adventure, on this trip we stuck to the county of Somerset. While in the U.K. this past April I stayed in Weston-super-Mare in the county of Somerset where some of my family have lived for many years. On this day we ventured out to locations close to home… at Kewstoke you’ll see a small village church and cemetery, and an ancient pathway known as Monk’s Steps, the purpose and date of construction are unknown, but relics dating back to the 6th Century AD have been found amongst the 200 plus steps. These steps fell under the protection of the National Trust in 1936. We also drove through the village of Banwell, to see Banwell Abbey a house that dates back to 1870 where my family once lived, and St. Andrews Church and cemetery. Next stop was Cheddar Gorge, a limestone gorge that dramatically cuts through the Mendip Hills, near the village of Cheddar, yes this is where Cheddar Cheese first came from in the 12th Century. Our final stop is the city of Wells known for it’s beautiful Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace and Vicars’ Close. Vicars’ Close is claimed to be the oldest intact residential street in all of Europe. The Bishop’s Palace has been the home of the Bishops of the Diocese of Bath and Wells for 800 years, but is also well known for its famous swans that have been trained to ring a bell whenever they are hungry. Once again, I hope you enjoy this virtual visit to an area of Southwest England that was a part of my youth and is still home to some of my family.

*I’ve been referring to this trip as the B4 trip, Birthday + Brother + Bowie + Britain = Brilliant, as I decided to spend my birthday this year with my twin brother and to also treat myself to a ticket to the David Bowie is Exhibit in London, England.

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