St. Michael’s Mount, an island castle

While visiting the U.K. in April this year I took a day trip down to the most south west part of England, Cornwall. I specifically wanted to see St. Michael’s Mount, an island off the southern coast near Marazion, Penzance and Land’s End. I’ve tried to visit before on two different occasions and both times I never got on to the island. The problem is you can walk out to the castle on a causeway at low tide but at high tide you have to take a boat. The two times I’ve gone before it’s been high tide and the weather was too bad to have a boat go out. As you’ll see by these photos, on this visit I was able to walk out to the island, and for my return trip, at high tide, I took a boat. I’m so glad I was finally able to see the castle and it’s incredible gardens… check off another item on my bucket list. If you ever have the opportunity to go, when you buy your entrance ticket you can buy a ticket to see the castle or the gardens, or both… go with both! The gardens are amazingly beautiful, due to the sub-tropical climate in southern england the variety of plants is a special treat. I hope you enjoy this virtual visit to St. Michael’s Mount and near by Marazion and St. Ives.

*I’ve been referring to this trip as the B4 trip, Birthday + Brother + Bowie + Britain = Brilliant, as I decided to spend my birthday this year with my twin brother and to also treat myself to a ticket to the David Bowie is Exhibit in London, England.

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