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Wordmark or Logo?

What’s the difference between a Wordmark and a Logo? A wordmark is a text-only typographic treatment of your company name – think of it as your company’s signature. The type face, style, colour and layout of the text creates a signature by which the company becomes recognized. A logo is a graphical element or icon combined with a wordmark – like a wordmark, it’s a symbol which represents a company or product. A logo can be just a graphic or a combination of text and a graphic. A logo is sometimes made up of a graphic, the company name and

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Firepro LLC Logo

Firepro LLC Logo Design This is a logo Luckham Creative designed for a Florida Fire Safety company. To see more work we’ve done for FirePro click here.

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FirePro LLC

A Florida client that we did a complete identity design for wanted to do vehicle graphics for their service van but weren’t sure what they wanted or how it would look. We had the client send us photos of their van and with a little image editing we applied the logo designs we had already designed for them through Photoshop to make the graphics on the vehicle look as real as possible. The client was very happy with what we came up with.   Call or email Luckham Creative to discuss your image editing requirements.

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