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Sometimes I think I think too much…

I took this photo this morning, seeing the pool through the pouring rain I decided against going for a swim as I didn’t want to get wet. I laughed at the oxymoron my own thoughts can create… and my thoughts just took off from there… do you ever try to not think of something by deliberately thinking of something else, only to have your thoughts fall back on themselves, and you end up thinking of the very thing you tried not to think about? Do you ever lie awake in bed, because your mind is so full of thoughts you

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Ode to my Window Cleaner

Hey!! Mr. Window Cleaner… Thank you… for dropping in… I uh, well… I wasn’t expecting you… to be hanging there… outside my window… so early… Let me… uhhh, Let me go… put on some clothes…. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day From the sky you arrive, and look at our lives, through the dirt and the grime of the city. You splash on your suds, you wipe them away, bearing

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broken, yes. yes, it’s broken. (Yes) see the pieces, and how they fit together? but can it ever… be the same again? (No) do you want it… to be the same again? (No) it’s only broken glass… from the darkened window, that kept me from seeing you, and you, from seeing me. (Yes) it’s the window, you placed your hand on†, and said goodbye, the way you do. (Yes) don’t stand, in the doorway, don’t wait, for me to disappear! (But) step in to the open, where I can see you! cry out, cry out… for what you want! (But!)

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It’s not about where you are, but who you are with! I, but for you, would find a spot such as this divine. For me, this scene save you, could never really be mine. Oh, when you were here, and on this stage stood near. True, a scene thus played would only draw a tear. Yet should this scene, but differently be played? Oh but then, could not those tears, of joy be made? Such a play we could write, and all upon this page. Come now, to this place, and with me take the stage! ©2000 Julian Luckham Do

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edge of heaven

a feeling of hope… Watch me now as I take flight I’ll fly so high that I just might Touch the edge of heaven If I had hands instead of wings You and I would do so many things We would dance We would sing We would make love and thus find Our own piece of heaven. © 2006 Julian Luckham   I wrote this five years ago, it was written to go with the photograph I use for my blog, and was posted at my original blog, which I recently decided to rebuild in it’s new home here. The

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A short story written for ‘The Storytellers’ a photo/storytelling group on Flickr.

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