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This is something I wrote specifically for Hallowe’en some time ago, but I think it was really something else trying to get out… do you ever put on a mask when things are not going well, pretend that they are so it’s a bit easier to get through the day and, hopefully, no one will notice. When you wake up the next morning to try again… you put on yet another mask…. Today is a day of transformation, we take on a guise of our own creation. No one sees what’s beneath the mask, making it easier to complete the task.

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Sometimes I think I think too much

What a wonderful day… this year I spent Valentine’s Day in an all day meeting at the Arc Hotel with 10 women that I have the privilege of working with, and yes I was the only guy! It was an annual meeting of the “communications team” on a project I’ve been working on for the past 5 years. As we all live in different cities, Ottawa, St. John’s and Boston, we try to get together once a year. After our first day’s meeting we went for a short skate/walk on the Canal, then dinner at Play Food & Wine. After

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hidden in the windmills of my mind

you turned on the light and ignited the flame and I saw colour in a black and white world the glint of a diamond on a glass horizon then darkness fell… and two ships passed. ©2006 Julian Photo: hidden in the windmills of my mind A photo taken a year ago today… One Week of making ordinary things special: Day Eight (Aug 7, 2010) © 2010 Julian Luckham all rights reserved, this photo should not be used in any way without my explicit permission.

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Sometimes I think I think too much…

I took this photo this morning, seeing the pool through the pouring rain I decided against going for a swim as I didn’t want to get wet. I laughed at the oxymoron my own thoughts can create… and my thoughts just took off from there… do you ever try to not think of something by deliberately thinking of something else, only to have your thoughts fall back on themselves, and you end up thinking of the very thing you tried not to think about? Do you ever lie awake in bed, because your mind is so full of thoughts you

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Ode to my Window Cleaner

Hey!! Mr. Window Cleaner… Thank you… for dropping in… I uh, well… I wasn’t expecting you… to be hanging there… outside my window… so early… Let me… uhhh, Let me go… put on some clothes…. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day From the sky you arrive, and look at our lives, through the dirt and the grime of the city. You splash on your suds, you wipe them away, bearing

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Where do you want to be?

I had an after thought about this piece, a clarification if you will… Sometimes a place is physical, and sometimes metaphysical! Just sayin’. Sometimes there are places you want to go, and places that you want to be… Maybe you’ve been there before, and maybe it didn’t work out…. Or maybe you’re not allowed, or you’re told you shouldn’t go. Sometimes there’s a “sign”, sometimes a “barrier”. And sometimes, sometimes it’s just a feeling… An everlasting feeling, an everlasting goodbye. You can choose to ignore the warnings, Ignore the signs, the barriers, the feelings… and you might get hurt, you

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A one way door

There’s a park across the street from me called Judge Park, I sometimes pass through when going for a walk. One day just after the Victoria Day weekend, while trying to clear my head of too too many negative thoughts, I grabbed my camera and went for a walk, this is one picture I took and this is what I wrote when I got home… I saw a lost umbrella, on a sunny afternoon by a one way door… in a park that doesn’t Judge. I’d taken a walk to clear my head, to climb up from the hole I’d

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The books are on the shelf, endless Chapters… of confusion. And pages…  pages of words… Broken promises, Shattered… cast aside. The writing, is on the floor, a happy ending, torn from a book. Too many photographs, and all I can see is the imperfection, in their perfection. I can no longer look… What I once saw is now just a  memory. I will turn away now, from this world of confusion. Cultivating inner clarity, and the knowledge that “Sometimes, you shouldn’t disturb the past”. Underneath all the noise, I hear my own whisper… I will no longer buy in to an

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Hangin’ (a distraction)

the Universe plays an infinite loop of thoughts, memories, flashbacks, dejavu, and double whammies… the track marks on my arm are in my head, an infliction of my own addiction, freedom in chains, and the number is 7! If only this addiction came with a high we could fly away…. ©2011 Julian Photo: Hangin’ (a distraction). © 2011 Julian Luckham all rights reserved, this photo should not be used in any way without my explicit permission. and no it’s not a song by the Flock of Seagulls, though they’re calling me, calling me, calling me…. and… I couldn’t get away!

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freedom in chains

freedom in chains I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of late about freedom, and coincidentally this image passed in front of my lens while shooting something else…. What is freedom and who decides? If we are physically chained and repressed, then it is the repressor who decides. But if there are no chains, and we are free to come or go, say what we want, or do as we please, yet we don’t… who then, is the repressor? I for one refuse to be my own repressor! Someone recently pointed out something about myself that was inconsistent with who

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