What if… we could fly! (Part 1)


What if Weekends: 52 Weeks Project 52/52

Well, here it is my final “What if Weekend”… and once again I’m doing a two parter, because these last two “What if Weekends” are so epic that I can’t do them justice with just one illusion! I was going to post this tomorrow, but it looks like I’m going to have a busy day tomorrow and on Sunday I have to finish shooting Part 2 of this illusion, so…

What if you could really fly! Where would you go? Would you visit family and friends more often, and what if they lived on the other side of an ocean? I mean, think about it, what if you got tired half way across the Atlantic Ocean, it’s not like you could take a break to rest for a bit. Well, my twin brother Simon and I have been flying for a very long time, I don’t remember who taught who, but I think we were ten years old when we first actually flew, prior to that it wasn’t flying, it was… falling with style! LOL! We don’t fly that often, and given the ocean between us these days, well… it’s not easy for us to get together! I wish it were!

This is Part 1 of my What if Weekend Photo Illusion for week 52 of my 52 Weeks Project! Thanks to my brother Simon for agreeing to be a part of one of my photo illusions! This one was pretty tricky to shoot, it was pretty windy and trying to fly and keep still for the camera is not as easy as it looks!!

This 52 Week Project is part of a new endeavour of mine I call Photo Illusionism, one photo illusion every week for 52 weeks, check out the web site and “Like” my page on Facebook.

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