What if… you were possessed, and didn’t know!

What if Weekends: 52 Weeks Project 29/52

Ever get those moments where you’re lost in a world of thought, maybe digging through that box you picked up at the yard sale over the weekend, reading a very old newspaper clipping about a young girl who went missing, when all of a sudden out of the corner of your eye…. no, it’s just late, it’s dark and your eyes are just playing tricks on you!

Happy Halloween everyone, and… Trick… or Treat! 😉

This is my What if Weekend Photo Illusion for week 29 of my 52 Weeks Project! Thanks to the wonderful Chantal Despatie and her Dad Michel, and also thanks to Chantal’s Mum Deanna for opening your home to my Photo Illusion! This one was inspired by the film The Possession… go see it, if you dare!

This 52 Week Project is part of a new endeavour of mine I call Photo Illusionism, one photo illusion every week for 52 weeks, check out the web site and “Like” my page on Facebook. And remember, if you want one of your own photo illusions, send me a message and let’s talk… I have 23 more to do!

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