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Another highlight of my ‘Wherever I Wander‘ trip earlier this year was visiting Hadrian’s Wall in North East and North West England. I wanted to visit Hadrian’s Wall after hearing BBC Radio 2 DJs Stuart Maconie and Mark Radcliffe do a week of live shows from various points along the wall and it just sounded like an amazing experience. I also made a stop in Durham to see the beautiful Durham Cathedral. I then headed south through the Lake District which I will be posting separately next and then to Manchester and Liverpool.

HadriansWall_8784This was the part of my trip where time caught up with me, 3 weeks in. Everything had gone as planned until I found myself in York and I fell in love! No, I didn’t meet a lovely Yorkshire lass, I fell in love with the town of York and decided to stay 2 more days than I had planned, this after already losing a few days after I lost and recovered my camera at Heathrow airport. I had planned on 2 days to see and hike only a part of Hadrian’s Wall but now I only have one, so the hike is going to be much more of a drive than a hike. The Hadrian’s Wall Path is 84 miles from coast to coast, crossing it and getting back to the car in a day would be impossible given it takes 6-7 days to walk the entire wall. And little did I know, at the end of the hike it would turn in to a mad dash to the car!

I know I keep saying it, but this really was a highlight of my trip. It was a 2 month trip! There were a lot of highlights! I hope you enjoy the photos.

For now, the slideshow below are all my photos from my visit to Hadrian’s Wall and include a few from a visit to Durham. As I get caught up on more photos from my trip I’ll be adding more photos from the North West of England, including the Lake District.I hope I’ve inspired you to make the trek to see Hadrian’s Wall as Maconie and Radcliffe inspired me.

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