Wherever I Wander, Part 1 – Athens

In March this year I took a 2 month trip I call ‘Wherever I Wander‘ that began in Greece with a visit to Athens…

As a kid I was quite fascinated with the stories of the Greek and Roman Gods and Heroes, the first book I can remember being enthralled with was Charles Kingsley’s The Heroes which included the story of Perseus. Perseus was the son of Zeus and the mortal Danae and was assisted by Hermes and Athena in killing Medusa from whose severed head Pegasus, one of my favourite mythological characters, was born. I could go on, but suffice to say all these childhood influences and imaginings came somewhat to life as a result of this trip, a dream of a lifetime….

I read a comment about Athens being a place you can time travel and I agree it’s true you may journey to Athens but you end up travelling in time as you look at the modern architecture standing beside ruins of not too old buildings and mansions that have been left and forgotten while men and women toil on their knees to bring some of the oldest structures in the world back to life… it was amazing seeing what they are doing to rebuild the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena and all the buildings atop the Acropolis, inspite of all the flawed and failed attempts to do so in the past. I hope you enjoy these photos of Part 1 of Wherever I Wander.

After my visit to Athens, I took the ferry to Santorini… come join me… Wherever I Wander, Part 2 – Santorini

Wherever I Wander 2015

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