Pricing and Payment

Luckham Creative brings over 35 years of experience and a very high level of expertise to your job, through advance planning and communication with both you and your printer or web host, you can be assured that I will not only look after your job from beginning to end, but keep it within your budget. I also offer discounts for Non-profit Organizations, Trade/Volume or Contract work, or prepaid “Designer in Your Pocket” discounted packages.

When I am asked what I charge, I usually respond with “How long will the job take?”. If it’s a way to compare what I do with another service provider, well you need to know how fast both service providers are at what they do and how much experience they have. Graphic Design rates vary between $20 and $175/hour in Canada (based on the National Survey of Graphic Design Salaries & Billing Practices conducted by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario). I’ve been doing what I do for over 35 years, so I’m good and I’m fast, so if I do something in a few hours which an inexperienced designer might take several hours or even a couple of days to do, comparing an hourly rate just doesn’t work. And the most important thing is getting the job done right, the first time. All that to say, you won’t find hourly rates here, just ‘Ballpark Pricing’. If you would like a quote or an estimate on a specific job I’ll need some details, so for a no obligation estimate on your next job send me an email with details of the job, or call +1 613 223-4620. And check out what some of my clients have to say about my rates or my ability to get a job done on my Testimonials page.

Meanwhile… let’s play ball…

Ballpark Pricing – Every job is unique so providing estimates without any details about the job is difficult to do with any degree of accuracy, that said… here’s some “ballpark” prices that may assist you in budgeting your work. Keep in mind your final billing could be more or less than these estimates depending on the scope of the work. A $250 minimum charge may be applicable.

Job/Estimate Description


from $250

design a text-only typographic treatment of your company name – a wordmark is a company’s signature made from just the name of the company. The type face, style, colour and layout of the text creates a signature by which the company becomes known.

Custom Logo

from $500

design a graphical element or icon combined with a wordmark – a logo, like a wordmark, is a symbol which represents a company or product. A logo can be just a graphic or a combination of text and a graphic. A logo is sometimes made up of a graphic, the company name and a tag line or slogan.

Identity Design Package

from $750

design a Custom Logo plus a Stationery Package, including a standard single sided business card, letterhead and envelope (or label)

Web Site Design

from $500

design and layout a one to five page web site including site navigation (logo/wordmark creation and/or photography services not incl.)

New Business Package

from $1200

Identity Design Package above, plus five page Web Site Design above.

Project Rescue
On-site Consulting

minimum charge $250

on-site consultation, creative direction and/or training for print or the web. Project Rescue is on-site project specific consulting, training and creative direction or supervision, for those times when a project gets out of hand, or you just don’t have the skill set to accomplish what you want. The best way to use Project Rescue is to let me help you complete the project, so you’ll be better equipped to handle a similar situation on your own in the future. If timing is critical I can step in and complete the project myself and review with you what was done, afterwards.

Designer in
Your Pocket

packages start at $400 prepaid

Designer in Your Pocket is my term for having a designer on a retainer, it’s a prepaid discounted package of creative services (not including photography) usable at any time. This is often used as a maintenance package for your web site or if you have a lot of small jobs throughout the year and you’d prefer paying in advance to get a better rate. If work becomes a rush job it may incur additional costs. Create a package that best suits your needs starting at 6 hours for $400.

Photo shoot

minimum charge $250

A single on location photo-shoot includes shooting fee/time, use of professional equipment, and travel within Ottawa. Image editing is extra, for best results you should allow for additional editing of all images, depending on your shoot and how many photos are needed this will vary, please ask for a personal quote. Ask about our specials for unique portraits and/or photo illusions.

Photo Prints

Prints of most photos from Luckham Creative’s Photo Galleries can be purchased at any size you choose on paper or canvas. Click here or call for details. 

Please note, meetings, multiple design options, photography, image editing, additional artwork, pre-press, film and/or printing, domain registration and/or hosting are not included in these estimates. These estimates, and all work are subject to our current Terms and Conditions and may change without notice. All prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to taxes in Canada. All work requires a deposit of 50% of the job estimate before being put in to production. Invoices for Training or ‘Designer in Your Pocket’ are prepaid services and must be paid in full before training or work commences.  Rush jobs will be invoiced at 1.5 to 2 times the regular rate depending on circumstances. No work will be rescheduled to accommodate rush jobs without the consent of all clients who’s jobs may be affected. On-site work, evening or weekend work will incur additional charges. All prices are approximations only, actual work will vary from client to client, depending on what is supplied, how many revisions and/or designs are required, and client alterations. All work requested, whether speculative or other wise will be billed accordingly. Discounts are available for trade, volume or contract work, non-profit organizations and for advance payment†. Note that specially priced packages are already based on a volume discount!

A $250 minimum charge may be applicable.

†certain restrictions apply, call for details.

Discounts – Luckham Creative offers the following discounts when appropriate:

  • Trade/Volume or Contract discounts
  • 15% Discount for Non-profit Organizations
  • Designer in Your Pocket – Retainer discount

Luckham Creative understands the budget limitations of non-profit groups or businesses in the early stages of development and in response to that I’m more than happy to negotiate a suitable discount or value exchange for work. Please call for additional information. Luckham Creative subscribes to the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices established by the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC). This includes their recommendation to not participate in unfair business practices such as design contests, speculative or free work. Take a moment to read this article for further details on speculative or free work.

Payment OptionsAll work requires a deposit of 50% of the job estimate before being put in to production with the balance due on completion. A payment plan can be arranged for contracted work. Invoices for Training or ‘Designer in Your Pocket’ are prepaid services and must be paid in full before training or work commences. Luckham Creative accepts payment by cheque, e-transfer, Credit Card or PayPal. Please make cheques payable to Luckham Creative. Cheques should be in Canadian or U.S. Funds. Please include invoice numbers on your remittance. Overdue amounts are subject to a monthly carrying charge of 2%.

To pay securely using your credit or debit card, bank account or PayPal Account click the button on the right. 

Updated July 2020