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Luckham Creative at the SPARTA 72 Hour Film Challenge

As one of the sponsors for 72 Hour Films “SPARTA Film Challenge” we were asked to do a short one minute promo to be played at the Mayfair Theatre before the Screenings of the SPARTA films on Sunday. Being a creative company we couldn’t just do a “talking head” video, so with the help of Graeme Hay and Vicki Mavraganis we threw this little promo together spoofing the TV show Mad Men, a show set in the early 60s at an Advertising Agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. The show is about Don Draper, the Creative Director and founding partner of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and the people in his life. It’s an interesting look at the industry I work in today but the way it was in the 60s. The characters are all smoking and drinking in the office and will often pick up the phone to ask the secretary to “clear my schedule for the day”, it’s a wonder they got any work done at all. Vicki is portraying Peggy, Don’s secretary, who in the show goes from secretary to Don’s number two in the creative department, an achievement that was considered rare for women in the 60s. The show has done extremely well in spite of the controversy it gets for its realistic depiction of a very sexist and racist period in U.S. history. Personally I don’t get it when a show, TV or film, gets criticized for being true to its time or situation. Anyway, this promo was fun to shoot, let me know what you think. At the tail end you’ll see a photo of our New York office… or a Photo Illusion… you decide! Thanks for helping out on short notice Graeme and Vicki.

And if you do have a job that needs to be turned around in 3 days… we’ve managed to turn around jobs in a lot less, so let’s talk! 😉

And if you’re curious about 72 Hour Films, check them out here:

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