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Walking the rim of a Volcano!

Hiking from Imerovigli to Oía on the Greek Island of Santorini – Wherever I Wander.

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Wherever I Wander Part 2 – Santorini

Photos from a two month trip that included 5 days on Santorini.

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Wherever I Wander, Part 1 – Athens

Photos from a two month trip that included two days in Athens.

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Santorini Serendipity

If you’re from Ottawa you will love this story, if you are a member of the Ottawa Greek Community you will really love this story, and if you enjoy stories of serendipity or coincidences or whatever you care to call it, you’ll think this is pretty cool! As you may or may not know, I am on a trip I’ve been referring to as ‘Wherever I Wander‘, mainly to keep the 2 month trip a surprise to everyone following me here or on Facebook, but also because I don’t even completely know where I’m going to go… it’s that kind of

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