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“Let the Night Begin”

I have long had a fascination for Vampire Lore, from Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula, to the ‘60s gothic horror soap opera, Dark Shadows, to Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, to my favourite ‘vampire’ movie to date, Only Lovers Left Alive.

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In My Life

There are places I remember, All my life though some have changed

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Checking the Form (a screenplay?)

Checking the Form (a screenplay?) The scene opens looking into a construction site, a building is going up. Lots of concrete, girders, re-bar, etc. The camera is POV of someone walking through the site towards two workers talking in the distance with raised voices. Along the way we see other workers talking in hushed voices, shaking their heads, and looking towards the two workers that are talking by the footings of the building… clearly everyone is alarmed, one might even say… panicked! Jim passes the camera and in to view… JIM “What the Hell is going on here now?” BURT

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Dream of a Child

It’s Special Education Week and this post is in honour of all children who just need a little extra help… attention and acceptance! The dream of a child is the dream that two ordinary people had about the child that was about to be born. The nine months of waiting were full of magical moments… will it be a boy or will it be a girl… that first kick… the list of names (Fearghal?)… buying the crib… working late at the office with my wife and my Mum helping out… the calm request, “Can I borrow your watch?”. I remember

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Time Warp

Time Warp Ensign Ro Laren nervously adjusted her collar, should this SS agent spot the communicator embedded in her Iron Cross, he would surely take her into custody, and then… her head suddenly filled with the horrible tortures the Cardassians had subjected her father to back on Bajor, when she was a child. How had this pre-warp planet taken on all the details, all the history of one of Earth’s worst periods, the rise of the Third Reich on a planet Light Years away? She had to get a message to the Enterprise… she had to get this case to

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A short story written for ‘The Storytellers’ a photo/storytelling group on Flickr.

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Magic Markers

Sometimes it surprises me what inspires me to write a post… While updating a profile on another site I saw a “Random Question” that I found amusing. I wrote out a series of answers that wouldn’t post (due to the answer having a limit of 150 words), so, here’s my unedited answer! I should mention, for those that don’t know, I used to teach in classroom settings quite a bit, and magic markers were always a pain to work with! What spells can you cast with magic markers? First off is the spell of permanence, the one that makes the

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Welcome to Holland (raising a child with a disability)

by Emily Perl Kingsley Some time ago, a therapist we were working with passed this story on to us, we’d like to share it with you here. Emily Perl Kingsley is an American writer who joined the Sesame Street team in 1970 and has been writing for the show ever since. Her son Jason Kingsley was born with Down Syndrome in 1974. I am often asked to describe the experience of raising a child with a disability – to try to help people who have not shared in that unique experience to understand it, to imagine how it would feel. It’s

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