creative writing


This is something I wrote specifically for Hallowe’en some time ago, but I think it was really something else trying to get out… do you ever put on a mask when things are not going well, pretend that they are so it’s a bit easier to get through the day and,

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Checking the Form (a screenplay?)

Checking the Form (a screenplay?) The scene opens looking into a construction site, a building is going up. Lots of concrete, girders, re-bar, etc. The camera is POV of someone walking through the site towards two workers talking in the distance with raised voices. Along the way we see other

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Ode to my Window Cleaner

Hey!! Mr. Window Cleaner… Thank you… for dropping in… I uh, well… I wasn’t expecting you… to be hanging there… outside my window… so early… Let me… uhhh, Let me go… put on some clothes…. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in

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