This is something I wrote specifically for Hallowe’en some time ago, but I think it was really something else trying to get out… do you ever put on a mask when things are not going well, pretend that they are so it’s a bit easier to get through the day and, hopefully, no one will notice. When you wake up the next morning to try again… you put on yet another mask….

Today is a day of transformation,
we take on a guise of our own creation.
No one sees what’s beneath the mask,
making it easier to complete the task.

Sometimes we fall when we try to stand,
If only things had gone as planned.
Now it’s time to shake off the past,
stand up again, this too shall pass.

Once it’s over and the deed is done,
just as sure as the rising sun,
a bright new future will be there to greet us,
and now I’ll take on, another aLiAs….

©2005 Julian

Photo  © 2012 Julian Luckham

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