What if… Good Witches are real!

What if Weekends: 52 Weeks Project 7/52

What if Good Witches are real! What if, when you’re lost or in times of trouble, you could call on a Good Witch, not to wave her magic wand and fix everything, but to show you your path, to help you get back on your very own “Yellow Brick Road”! Jolanta wanted to do a Photo Illusion with me, and she suggested the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. I thought it was a great idea and asked her how she felt about bubbles… as a mode of transport! 😉

And a fun bit of trivia, while we were shooting this we attracted a bit of attention and this one fellow asked us what we were doing. Jolanta explained it was a photo shoot recreating a scene from movie “The Wizard of Oz”. The guy said “That’s cool! Where is it playing? I think I’d like to go see it”! Hmmm… kinda thought The Wizard of Oz was a classic that everyone knew in some shape or form! LOL!

This is my What if Weekend Photo Illusion for week 7 of my 52 Weeks Project!
Special thanks to Jolanta Mojsej (the Good Witch), Sophia Radisch (Dorothy) and Caitlin Luckham (Munchkins) for collaborating with me on this photo illusion!

This 52 Week Project is part of a new endeavour of mine I call Photo Illusionism, one photo illusion every week for 52 weeks, check out the web site and “Like” my page on Facebook. And remember, if you want one of your own photo illusions, send me a message and let’s talk… I have 45 more to do!

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