What if Weekends: A 52 Week Project

What if Weekends: A 52 Weeks Project

Updated January 16, 2015.

First it was a project, then it was a book, what if… there’s an exhibit?

There was… the What if Weekends Exhibit and Book Launch was on October 24th and 25th, the Friday and Saturday before Halloween. The event was a combination book launch, costume party, pre-Halloween celebration and photo exhibit by myself Julian Luckham of Luckham Creative and John Wenzel of JJWenzel Images who exhibited some of his own extraordinary work!

What is a What if Weekend you may well ask. What if Weekends started in April of 2012 as a 52 week photo illusionism project that would wrap up with a book of all the illusions. Photo illusionism is a term I use in my work to convey the idea that what I create, though based in the world of photography, is not completely real. The What if Weekends project was to create an illusion with nothing but real photographs merged and manipulated in a way to create something that you couldn’t possibly photograph. The theme for all 52 photo illusions was “What if…?”. What if… you could do anything, be anyone, or go anywhere? What if you had a twin, or you could clone yourself, or… what if… you did have a Super Power? What if… anything were possible? I worked with friends and friends of friends to create these illusions, most of which worked out as planned, and some went off the rails to create something quite unexpected. It’s up to you decide what worked and what didn’t, it’s a 52 week project, so you get to see all 52 illusions!

After the project was complete I created an illusion of my own, the one you see on the cover of the book… What if… there’s an exhibit? And what if everyone in my illusions came… in costume? And that illusion became real!

Welcome to my 52 Week Photo Illusionism Project “What if Weekends”. 56 photo Illusions in total with 78 participants over a period of 52 weeks. This is a selection of illusions from the 52 Week Project “What if Weekends”. If you are interested in finding out more about my book please follow this link: ‘What if Weekends: the book

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  1. My fav illusions are Maman spider and the Cookie alien spaceships !

  2. My fav was “caught in the twilight zone”! but it was a tough choice.

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