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Manchester_2796_iIt’s hard to imagine anyone who doesn’t know what Coronation Street is, even if they’ve never watched a single episode, chances are someone they know has! Coronation Street, or Corrie to the fans, is the longest running TV soap opera in the world, having begun in 1960 and is still being produced today. They are fast approaching 9,000 episodes shot as I write this post. As a kid I remember my grandmother used to watch religiously and should we come by for a visit while it was on we were instructed to sit in the corridor and be quiet until it was over. As I grew up, I too started to watch, being a British ex-pat it was like comfort food, something of the ‘old country’ I could watch and remember the old days. I was a fan, and watched every weekend when they aired all the previous weeks episodes all at once on Sunday. I haven’t watched in probably 15 or more years as I didn’t like how it had changed from what it once was, what I considered a real life glimpse at day to day life of the working class in England.

Manchester_2802_iOn the U.K. portion of my ‘Wherever I Wander‘ trip earlier this year, I wandered in to Weatherfield and walked down Coronation Street, Rosamund and Victoria Streets and toured the interior and exterior sets as well as backstage areas. As I know there are a lot of fans amongst my friends and here in Canada I’ve put together this slide show of my visit to the old Granada Studios set of the show that is no longer in use, having recreated the whole town of Weatherfield brick by brick at a new and bigger studio in 2014.

After the tour I went to a little restaurant in Manchester, Annies, which is owned by actress Jennie McAlpine (Fizz Brown on Coronation Street) and her partner Chris Farr. And yes, Betty’s Hotpot was on the menu, a vegetarian version too!

The slideshow below are all my photos from my visit to Coronation Street. If you’d like to see my photos from my visit to Manchester itself, I’ll be posting them and adding a link here over the weekend.

I hope you enjoy the photos… cue music… cue cat… well, no music… and I didn’t see any cats on set!

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